I ruined Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2015 did not go how I envisioned it would, neither technically nor literally. I planned to wake early, go to church then come bake my mom a surprise cake.


I woke up at 4a.m, unfortunately not to bake. I was in excruciating pain to the extent I could neither feel nor move my entire right leg. I called my mom, crying. She came rushing in to my room, gave me mild first aid, said a prayer and woke up my brother and dad to help me out of bed and take me to hospital. 

That obviously meant no mother’s day cake. I also had orders for the day but had to give away the orders to trusted bakers, meaning no cake for my mom either.IMG_6265.JPG

Mother’s day is technically the day moms are supposed to take the day off and do nothing, but my mum had to sit with me in hospital for the better part  of the day and come back to take care of me the remainder of the day.


This year things are different. They have to be. Mother’s day will not pass without CAKE! It will both be a general appreciation for her being the mother she is and for always being there when we need her. When I needed her.


My mom loves tea. Like really loves tea. She farms as well, so naturally her favourite colour is green. 

So what better way to surprise her today, than to bake her a custom made teapot for Mother’s Day? I’ll also hand her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

I wonder how many cups this has?

I woke up early today, She was going to find her goodies before she went to church.

Cupcake Bouquets that is.

My closest Aunties would also be getting their bouquets as well.

They are the best really and so they should.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mother’s out there! We appreciate you.



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