Spring Rolls

This has been a rather long week. Its been extremely cold, came down with the worst flu, to the extent I couldn’t take orders. It was kind of a blessing in disguise, (don’t get me wrong). My  friend Hellen spent last weekend at my place and she realised I didn’t sleep a wink while she was here as I was busy baking. She tried to get me to sleep but I had more orders to finish and have them picked, before i could even contemplate closing my eyes. She told me I was destroying my health and I’ll end up looking constantly unhappy – She has studied psychology, so i guess she knows what she’s talking about. 😦

When Monday crept in, true to Hellen’s prediction, I was weak. The cold weather didn’t help my situation much, and I was terribly unwell. Took the week to recover and today I feel relieved and ready to tackle another great week ahead.

But the cold weather and the flu, meant a lot of herbal tea was going to be consumed, and what better way to have the tea, than to compliment it with some sweet veggie spring rolls?

So here we go


  • 1 small cabbage or half of a large cabbage
  • 3 to 4  medium sized carrots
  • 1 to 3 Peppers
  • 2 Large onions
  • Salt to taste
  • Soy sauce

Optional ingredients,

  • 3 Cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon grated ginger
  • Chilli Flakes
  • Spices

You will also need to prepare manda, as shown here .

Thoroughly wash all your veggies before you begin.

Slice the clean cabbage into thin slices


Clean and grate the carrots. Grate them to a desired size.


Cut the peppers into thin slices. I use colourful peppers to ensure make the spring rolls look even more succulent.


Slice the onions to a desired size. This is my preference. My sister prefers smaller cubes But I like seeing all my ingredients.


Using a big pan or sufuria, put a tablespoon or two of vegetable corn oil, your veggies, soy sauce and some salt to taste. Add the garlic, ginger, spices and chilli flakes if using. Cook on medium to low heat for five to ten minutes, and remove the pan from the heat sauce to avoid further cooking of the veggies. Can be transferred to a heat proof bowl as you prepare the manda.


When the manda dough is ready, and rolled (like this), as done with the samosas, cut the dough into squares, before placing on the pan to heat.


Heat the squares up as shown here:-

Peel them as in the samosa video (here) and stuff the mandas. 

While stuffing, place about a teaspoon or a tablespoon of the veggie stuffing in the center, this depends on the size of your squares. 

Dab each corner of the square with a bit of flour paste and fold. 

From one end, roll and place the flour paste at the last side, and close up completely. 

Do this until you’re out of mandas, or stuffing. deep fry until golden and serve warm.

Fry until golden.  

Serve Warm.  


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