First workshop

So I had the opportunity to run my first weeklong workshop between 27th Feb and 4th march. 

I was fatigued and though I was getting ready for it for over a month, the day before the workshop , I realized I didn’t know what I had set myself up for. I had never taught a large group, and was obviously worried I’d fail greatly. I also hadn’t slept with the amount of orders that had to leave my kitchen. I also have random bouts of sciatica and that entire weekend was a crazy cycle of pain. So my greatest fear was I’d be unable to stand for long. 

I knew I had to deliver. So I had no option but to psyche myself up. Armed with Pradip products and a 5 liters of coffee, I got ready and it was the best experience.  

I’d initially planned to teach from 9am to 3pm. That turned out to be a lie. We hardly finished before 5 pm. Partly because I have to impart every piece of information I want to every student of mine. I struggled a little when I first started so I want al my students to hit the ground running when they leave my classes. So no rushing anyone. 

I met these wonderful ladies and I will forever be grateful to have met them. Reason being, they turned out to be blessings. They were more than understanding of my exhaustion, and I was happy that we had mutual respect for each other. The ladies made me laugh the entire time and when it was time for business, they put theirbrave faces on. 

Husna: this beautiful girl had never baked before coming for the workshop. But she was an extremely quick learner. She hardly needed to be showed anything twice. Once she understands the concept, she’s ready to go at it on her own and perfect it. 

Lorna: She had a bit of practice with baking, and she was mostly interested in learning deco. Lorna lit up the entire workshop with her laughter and made us all happy no matter how tired our feet were. 

Wanja: She had gone to baking school prior to the workshop, but she wanted to perfect her deco skills. She was timid at first but she also worked her magic when she got serious. She also was our comical queen, and always ensured all of us were well fed.

Noor: she mainly wanted to improve her baking and decorating skills when she came for the workshop. She was quite quick on her feet and even if she was last to start, she’d be first to finish. She’d also practice something until it was perfect. No loose ends. 

Alvina: Also had prior experience in baking, but also wanted to perfect her skills as she wants to start her baking business soon.  She had loads of questions that were useful to the group and made all of us learn more as we proceeded. 

Maureen: She was the most quiet in the group but very talkative if you gave her a chance. She also had the zeal to learn and only needed me to do three rosettes (not a full cake) for her to understand the concept. She was quite the inspiration on this front. 

Fauzia: One of the quickest studies I’ve met. And she made me happy by how easy and politely she took direction. She would be shown something once and she was okay to do it on her own without my assistance. 

Zamzam: Friends with Fauzia, was also a very quick study and a creative girl. She hardly ever needed my help and would learn just by looking at others. She also smiled all the time and that made us happy. (Fauzia and Zamzam always worked together)

Vivian: I’d met vivian back in 2012 while in baking school and she was in my group (oh how we hated cleaning up). I was honored to teach her and was amazed by how little she needed me. She just wanted to learn the basics of fondant and when she did it came out great. 

Violet: Such a humble heart and eager to learn. She wanted to learn how to work with fondant as well and her work was more than beautiful. She just had to look and she knew how to work on her own. Her cake came out so beautifully, you wouldn’t believe it was her first attempt. 

Flanzie: She had just completed basic baking classes and was looking to improve her skills. This lady is a perfectionist. Once she held the fondant, she transformed it into a masterpiece. You wouldn’t believe she’d only just attempted fondant by how she dealt with it. She also couldn’t believe she can create such masterpieces in a day. 

All in all, I’m way proud to have taught these ladies. I can’t wait for the next workshop


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