Yellow Wedding

I love doing wedding cakes. Whole heartedly. The satisfaction and the gratitude that comes from the bride has always warmed my heart.

Don’t let the smile fool you. I was sleep deprived and almost crying. But my cousin Emma was a lovely assistant

This year is turning out to be extremely lovely. A year of firsts if I may say so. I successfully ran my first workshop and I see the ladies have determination and zeal to work harder. It’s the first time since I started baking that I’m booked weeks in advance. This will turn out to be a fantastic year, God willing.

The yellow wedding was my first wedding this year. It also happens to be my first ever hall wedding. So the fear I constantly have that the cake will be filled with dust before cutting was not there.

When the lovely bride Wawira came for a sample, she was so warm and her smile just made you want to keep talking. She immediately settled in me as her baker and when I saw the design, I was immediately excited to do it but at the same time I started panicking wondering how I would execute it.

I had over a month to figure it out but I unfortunately procrastinate when it’s something new I’m doing, as I don’t want to fail at it.

I had already informed her that the design was new to me so we decided I should do a little sample cake so that she can decide on whether to stick to the design or change it.

The little sample cake

She loved it! She loved the flower and this boosted my confidence in doing her cake higher and higher.

I wanted to start on this cake on Thursday morning, so that I could bake in the morning, and start decorating it in the afternoon then do the ruffles on Friday. Kplc on the other hand had a different idea. I woke up at 6am to find no electricity so I just made my fondant. And waited. Lights didn’t come until 3 pm. My schedule was severely distorted as I now had to wait for cakes to bake and cool before starting work on them.

Fortunately I have a large oven and by 11:30 pm, all the cakes were covered in fondant and ready for some ruffles.

I thought the ruffles would only take me 2-3 hours so I woke up at 5 am, only to be done at 2:45pm. I was drained by then and when I went for my evening class, I was nothing but sleepy.

The bride and her friends were happy with the work I had done and I got several referrals from it.

Wawira’s wedding had 4 flavours.

The parents cakes were both Fruit cakes

The top tier cake and the third tier cake (from the top) were both Passion cakes

The second tier cake was a Butterscotch cake

The bottom tier cake and the extra cakes for the guests were Vanilla Cakes

I loved how this beautiful ombré design lit up the room. It was a wonderful wedding.

Cheers to a wonderful wedding

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