Always & Forever

I’ve made a tonne of cakes in the 4 years I’ve been working and for an unknown reason, I always get down and snappy every time I do a wedding cake. I don’t know why this is.

Probably has something to do with the myth everyone has here that “your first wedding cake must fall”. In the 3 years I’ve done wedding cakes, this hasn’t happened. THANK GOD. Lord knows every piece of me will die in that instance.

So despite the fact that it’s never happened and I pray it never does, I still get very afraid on the day of delivery.
Told you this is turning out to be a year of firsts.

I have never in my career done a fresh cream wedding cake. I am extremely confident with fondant as typically I’ll be done by 8 pm on Friday and deliver the next day, albeit with great fear.

This wedding turned out to be both vegan and had whipped cream and it was also my first Sunday wedding.

The vegan recipes I use, call for vegetable oil and we know oil cakes turn out much softer as compared to butter/margarine cakes.

The temperatures whilst doing this wedding cake were over the top, reaching 30 degrees Celsius and that is enough to make this girl cry.

My initial idea was to obviously do a crumb coat and leave the cakes in the fridge over night then finish up at the wedding.

The closer it got to the wedding, the hotter it was 😭. So I got scared that I would in no way manage to ice the cakes at the venue with no fridge to chill my cream. I was also convinced in my head that I would take only 2 hours to finish doing the swirl pattern on all the cakes and still manage to deliver. WAS I WRONG!!

After speaking to a baker I knew who’d done an almost similar pattern, she advised me to finish the entire cake at night to ensure the cream dries and sets, and to deliver as close to the event as possible.

I was done with my crumb coat by 6pm so I decided to sit for a bit as I’ll be done in 2 hrs and in bed by 10. I got back to decorating at 8pm and was not done until 1:00am. It took an entire 5hrs to do such a simple design that I was happy I wasn’t doing to do it at the wedding.

See how gorgeous they are

By the time we were leaving the house to deliver, the temps were as high as 31 and I almost didn’t want to go. It turned out so wonderful and I will forever be grateful to Sharon and Ted for trusting me to do their cake. They knew I had never done a vegan wedding cake nor a fresh cream cake but they were kind enough to let me do it and the experience was beyond lovely.

Also the food was sooo good that I kept asking the maid of honour to let me carry the naan bread home. It was just wonderful.

The cakes had three flavours each. Orange, chocolate and vanilla. All vegan.


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